Rebel IT Gets Physical

11 March 2009 | Company News

Physical computing has progressed enormously in recent years, bringing the world of embedded programming into the modern era of software development. These days, cutting edge methods and paradigms can be applied to miniature, mobile, even wearable devices. And what more sophisticated software means to embedded programming is one thing: more sophisticated devices.

Working with physical interfaces allows us to find new ways to interact with the user. The limitations of screen, mouse and keyboard are suddenly no longer there. Instead we have state of the art electronic components available to build intelligent systems that integrate across the whole of the user experience.

Our first foray into physical computing is the BlipBox project, a concept to bring together an affordable open hardware platform with community driven software development.

The BlipBox is a simple device that combines sensor input, in the form of a touch sensitive screen and other peripherals, with immediate visual feedback.

Initially the device will be presented as a music controller, but as the project grows we expect to see a wide range of creative applications.

We encourage you to explore the project website for news and more information.