About Us

Rebel IT Ltd is an information technology consulting company, registered in England as limited company 05732733. The business is equally owned by the directors, Peter Danckwerts and Martin Klang.

We have a pool of outstanding individuals, including designers, developers and managers. Together we take on big and small projects.

Email us (contact at rebel-it dot com) for a tender or to have a chat about your projects and ideas.

We provide everything from a simple project evaluation to the specification, analysis, implementation, testing, hosting and management of your smaller and larger projects.

We are an ethical company, staffed by morally conscious individuals. We do not take on work that we are not comfortable with. We take our customers' satisfaction very seriously and believe that all the work we undertake should bring both our clients and ourselves closer to what we want to become.

We host a number of leading open source software projects


Compiler Construction Toolkit


Object Oriented XML


XML Documentation Tools